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by mtf8

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As I Wait... 02:20
Why am I talking to strangers about these intimate things? Why am I scratching away at pictures that I've already seen? Burning visions carry me away Reliving a memory seems better than eternity spent waiting Come share in the tragedy Come share in the things I see while waiting for the end What words escape me despite having nothing to say? What do I hold in hand that won't slip away? Burning visions Why am I talking to strangers?
Pretend 08:02
Let's say we understand Let's say we know the plan Let's slip away into that dream again Let's think we're in control Future is not foretold Let's stop and play our favorite game of pretend Let's tell ourselves a lie Answer the question why Let's walk away together from all that shines Let's throw away our fear Admit our failures here Let's find that shadow and just climb inside Before the walls come down Before all time runs out and there's nothing left to hold I can't pretend Stay far Don't follow me
Lullalies 04:11
I am prepared to stand alone I see the fear behind those eyes It keeps the hands forever tied Pavlovian the exercise Mother repeating lullalies Lies! This formula as old as time Divide divided by divide Creating crisis not to waste Screaming 120 seconds hate Hate!
The Game 05:13
I miss the addiction of all the things felt by the living Her dark arms of lust and seduction have fallen away Now there's nothing left I miss the illusion of happily ever afters unbroken I'm broken And I wish redemption No shadow offers the salvation Still! There's nothing left There's only the game There's nothing left but to play the game we lose in the end I miss the addiction I miss the illusion I miss the seduction I miss a soul afire I wish redemption
Time Comes 06:31
Serial killer, never sleep or slow Seeing everything and all Taker Night maker The ghost is the machine of our temporary dream The ghost is our machine Our killer What number matters more than the one we can't stop from falling? What words matter more than the ones we leave unspoken? We're all falling We can't stop from falling Then time comes when time comes
The Fallen 07:00
How could I have known? How broken were we? Did I see the blade before she felt it? All he wanted for Mother, to stand before her in flames I sometimes forget how much I understood the fallen Mothers, what have you done? Fathers, what have you done? The fallen, your daughters and sons
Last Words 06:11
Cold nail rust through skin Replace what once was clean Sometimes darker dreams See tomorrow come See what it brings Last words sing the song of future days buried and gone My time, endless wheel Forever searching for something real Last words sing the song of coming days stranded alone Damage done Fallen son These scars will forever burn There is a line between the nurturing and the decay One moment Now gone


This material continues what "Momentum" started to reveal. This collection of songs feels more conceptual to me given the numerous references to areas of the project's overall body of work. I remain grateful to have found these inspirations which help to tell the overall story of mtf8.


released March 25, 2022

Music & Lyrics by mtf8

Produced by Charlie Nieland

See individual tracks for additional credits.


all rights reserved



mtf8 New York, New York

There is Only Fate.

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